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What Is Homestyle Indian Food?

Ever wondered what homestyle Indian food is like?

Is homestyle food different from the food served at Indian restaurants in the US and around the world?

Homestyle Indian food is indeed different from restaurant food. It tends to be less oily, less salty, and overall, better for you. After all, it’s the kind of food you should be able to eat every day.


Another critical point of difference is that many homestyle dishes do not make it to typical Indian restaurant food menus. Take, for example, Masoor Dal, a staple lentil cooked in Punjabi home kitchens, or Unidhu, a traditional Gujarati homestyle mixed vegetable dish, or even Bisselbath, a South Indian mixed vegetable dish. Chances are you will not find these dishes on restaurant menus. And of course, you will not find homestyle bread, like roti or chapati or phulka on a restaurant menu but this is what most Indians eat at home. At restaurants, you will mostly find tandoori rotis and naans.

Homestyle Indian Food

But apart from availability, there is yet another point of difference. This difference is in the way you prepare the food. Indian The way food is made in Indian restaurants is very different from how we cook it in Indian home kitchens.

Restaurant kitchens work at breakneck speed. Customers do not like to wait for long periods for their order to reach their tables. Therefore, most restaurants keep ingredients in a semi-finished form so they can quickly turn it into a dish from the menu. For instance, marinated chicken, cooked in a tandoor can be quickly added to a butter chicken gravy or chicken tikka masala to satisfy the customer’s order.

So what makes homestyle meals so desirable?

Homestyle cuisine is cooked from scratch, from fresh ingredients. These dishes are not readily available in restaurants. The recipes for homestyle food have been passed from one generation to another. The food is less oily. In other words, homestyle food is simple, yet delicious food.

Many of us lead busy lives and cooking every day can be a challenge. Therefore, we started Rotifix, a homestyle India meal service in Las Vegas. We want to provide busy families with regional dishes from South India, Gujarat, and Punjab, etc. Rotifix is food you can eat every day. It is comfort food at its best. Simply put, Rotifix is like coming home.

Our home cooks will tell you this: “The best food we can put on your table is the kind we make at home.”

At Rotifix Homestyle Indian meals, our home cooks make the case for simplicity, right ingredients, and not overwhelming consumers with fat and salt.

At the moment, our homestyle meals menu includes South Indian, Gujarati and Punjabi dishes. Explore our menu here.

What other regional cuisines and dishes would you like us to add in the future?

Discover a new way of getting dinner off your list. We only need a two hour lead time for most dishes on the menu. You can opt for delivery or curbside pickup at 4246 S. Durango Drive, #200 Las Vegas, NV – 89147. Place your order here

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